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Down below you have commands & what they do.
If you have any questions, please join the support server.
The default prefix for the bot is . but you can customize it with .prefix <​prefix​​>

Fun Commands [25]

.snipe → Shows latest deleted message.
.meme → Shows meme from reddit.
.wasted → Makes users wasted pfp.
.gaypfp → Adds a rainbow overlay over users pfp.
.invert → Inverts a users pfp.
.redpfp → Puts red overlay over users pfp.
.yt → Fakes a youtube comment.
.aww → Shows a cute image from reddits.
.gay → Shows users gay percentage.
.ping → Shows bots latency.
.iq → Shows users iq.
.8ball → Answers your question.
.cf → Flips a coin.
.simp → Shows you users simp percentage.
.dr → Rolls a dice.
.botrps → Play rockpaperscissors with the bot.
.rps → Play rock paper scissors with another user.
.dadjoke → Shows a dadjoke from internet.
.cb → Chat with the bot.
.dogfact → Shows a fact about dogs.
.catfact → Shows a cat fact.
.pandafact → Shows a fact about pandas.
.foximg → Shows a fox image.
.dogimg → Shows a dog image.
.gaypfp → Adds a rainbow overlay over users pfp.

Moderation Commands [9]

.kick → Kicks a user from the server.
.ban → Bans a user.
.purge → Purges messages.
.addrole → Adds a role to a user.
.removerole → Removes a role from user.
.nick → Nicks a user.
.checkmod → Checks if a user has moderational permissions.
.setmod → Gives a role moderation permission.
.prefix → Sets the server prefix.

Roleplay Commands [5]

.kiss → Kisses a user.
.hug → Hugs a user.
.slap → Slaps a user.
.pat → Pats a user.
.kill → Kills a user.

Misc Commands [7]

.say → Makes the bot speak.
.avatar → Shows you a user's avatar.
.userinfo → Shows you information about a user.
.rmem → Shows members of a role.
.membercount → Shows current membercount.
.servericon → Shows servers icon.
.serverinfo → Shows information about the server.

Info Commands [4]

.cmdnum → Shows number of commands.
.passgen → Generates a secure password.
.legal → Shows legal documents.
.supportserver → Sends Essentials support server.